Rent a Motorbike add Guide, Gear ...create your Tour !

How to create yout Tour / Trek ?


  • MOTORBIKE TOURS' GUIDES : They guides you through the Country most beautiful Roads. They do also carry passengers if you can not drive. The best way to ride a bike is alone, cause you can carry your luggage on the Motorbike; 2 persons you need a support vehicle for the luggage unless you have a small backpack for 2 of you.
  • MOUNTAIN BIKE GUIDES : they guides MTB lovers in the most famous areas for MTB and the remote one too. A good Example is The Lhasa-Kathmandu MTB Ride. You can Hire all the necessary staff and gear in our site and be free to ride anywhere with or without the support of a vehicle ( you can ren a 4x4 in this site too ) and a guide.
  • 4 x 4 GUIDE : The 4x4 Guides are exceptional divers that knows the pist and various regions of the Country. When hire a Guide you can Hire the 4x4 as well just adding the 4x4 to the booking. All cost will be shown at the end of the reservation process before you decide to book or not.
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